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Studio Pilates International

Elixr Pilates Qualification

Sophia’s Pilates journey began during her undergraduate years at the Victorian College of Arts, where long hours in the studio led to back pain and fatigue. Seeking relief, she discovered Pilates seven years ago, transforming her relationship with health and movement.


Having undergone a rib operation, Sophia deeply empathises with the challenges of healing traumatised muscles and tissues. This experience has fuelled her passion to help people understand their bodies in a healthier manner and to support them in showing love to their bodies through the Pilates Method.


As a dedicated student of Pilates with four years of teaching experience post-graduation, Sophia has been running her own residential studio for two years. She hopes to be part of a community of instructors who preserve Joseph Pilates’s original values while further researching and gaining deeper understandings of our mopho-physical functions and their application in Pilates.


Outside of Pilates, Sophia enjoys discovering new music, visiting art exhibitions, long walks, running, and playing tennis.



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SoHee (Sophia) Yoon

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