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Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10838NAT)


For the past twenty-five years Jocelyn has been working as an Actor, Voice Over Artist and Art Department Coordinator in the Film and Television industry. During this time, she has been attending Iyengar Yoga and Pilates classes.  Working long hours on and off set in a Production Office and on location were challenging at times. Her body experienced fatigue, lower back pain, neck pain and migraines.   It was on recommendation through her Yoga Instructor to try Pilates. This was six years ago and her love and passion for Pilates was ignited. Regular attendance provided an overall enhancement to her level of fitness, strength, movement, mobility, physical and mental wellbeing.

Jocelyn is passionate about sharing Pilates with the wider community and strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits Pilates can offer.  

She has completed a Diploma of Pilates Instruction with National Pilates Training (NPT). 

Jocelyn enjoys film, theatre, contemporary dance, galleries and museums in her leisure time.



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