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Scolio-Pilates® is a three-dimensional exercise program for scoliosis. The program is designed to elongate the spine towards neutral with strengthening techniques to support the spine in its new alignment.


“I attended the Scolio-Pilates® Module I course online during Victoria's lockdown. Helen's delivery of the course was clear, detailed and very informative. She made the course really enjoyable and used a variety of activities to relay information which kept us engaged. Although we were online Helen was able to keep the energy high and inclusive so we all felt we were able to participate comfortably in the online space.

I gained a lot of valuable information from Helen in relation to initially working with the scoliosis body and I'm looking forward to taking the Module II course with her in 2021."

Sharlene - Melbourne – Module 1 - September 2020

“I attended the Scolio-Pilates® Module I with Helen in October 2020. The course was Amazing, and this was mainly because of Helen's passion and knowledge that she brought to the table.  She is compassionate about Scoliosis and Pilates, and her teaching methods are excellent.  I felt that she guided and encouraged the group through the challenging information which made the course highly enjoyable."

Gaynor – Melbourne – Module 1 - October 2020

“Excellent course! It gives a great understanding about the condition and would really work well with module II learning about wedging clients and integrating this knowledge practically. I had 2 lightbulb moments - the supine practice with wedges under us to mimic scoli and also the vertebrae/sternum/ribs demo showing the rib distortions."

Leigh – Melbourne – Module 1 – October 2020

“I recently completed ScolioPilates® Module I with Helen and would highly recommend the course to any movement or allied health professional. The delivery of the course was excellent – the intricacies of scoliosis can be difficult to understand at times but Helen draws from her wealth of knowledge to explain and educate in a way that is interesting, clear and informative. I felt like I came away from the course with a much deeper understanding of scoliosis and it has sparked my need to know more. Looking forward to completing Module 2!"

Melissa – NSW – Module 1 – October 2020

“I attended the Scolio-Pilates® Module I online taught by Helen New on 17th Oct 2020. The course was well structured, clear, concise and informative. I don't think we lost anything due to the online delivery. Helen is clearly passionate about the subject, warm, friendly and very generous in the sharing of her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend it and can't wait to do module 2."

Annette – Adelaide, SA – Module 1 – October 2020

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