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Following over 10 years of success at Precision Pilates Parkdale, Helen is thrilled to offer her services to the Windsor community. Whether you're an aspiring dancer, young or old, wanting to improve your overall fitness, or require rehabilitation from an injury, Pilates can help you!


We aim to provide personalised Pilates sessions in a 1:1 or 1:3 session. 


Pilates gets your mind and body working together by emphasising proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and focusing in particular on “core strength” which involves your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and deep postural muscles of the spine. Just learning to breathe deeply using your whole body is a great way to reduce stress and allow you to focus better.


By staying true to Joseph Pilates original principles, it is possible to modify the work to cater for all levels and body types. It is a safe, effective way to rehabilitate your body after an injury, by teaching correct motor patterns, allowing you to move in a safer more effective way. As Pilates instructors, we love effecting a change on people's bodies. We can adjust the work to suit all body types and fitness levels and make the work "suitable" for you, which means everyone will progress at a level that is suitable for their body.


Helen originally trained as a dancer, and so has a special interest in working with dance students and performers of all ages to help them avoid injury by strengthening their body and giving them skills to further enhance their dance technique. The level of flexibility required of dancers can often lead to injuries, as students do not always develop adequate strength to control their flex.  Helen has a unique ability to educate this client base by combining both their dance/performance knowledge and Pilates training. 


Under Helen's supervision, both her Windsor and Parkdale studios are approved by National Pilates Training as Workplace Facilitation Sites. You will often find student instructors assisting at various sessions. This programme is of great benefit to the students who are required to log 350 Work Experience hours under a qualified instructor and also to you the client, as you will often find yourself receiving extra assistance in your session.

PPW house
PPW Studio



Studio 6, 5/40 Green St, Windsor VIC 3181, Australia

We are 100 metres off Chapel Street in a Victorian House with a brown fence (opposite NICA Circus College).


Windsor and Prahran Train Stations are a short walk away. ​

Trams - 78, 79, 64, 6, 5 service the surrounding area. 

2-hour street parking is available on Green Street and surrounding streets.

Check signs carefully for permit parking only or other time of day restrictions. 

After 5 pm parking spots on Chapel Street are unrestricted. 

No entry into Green Street from Chapel Street. 

Allow enough time as occasionally parking is full. 

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