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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Brazil), 2006

Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Course 

 Sergio was born and raised in the countryside of Brazil within a family of educators. Passionate about books, music and movement, he believes in education as a way of changing the world and has always been willing to help others.

Keeping his focus on helping people, he got a bachelor's degree as a Physiotherapist in 2006. Since then, he has been working with people with intellectual and multiple disabilities and the elderly, specialising in human movement disorders. 

In 2011, Sergio found the Pilates method as an efficient, light and powerful tool to relieve pain, minimise disability and promote health in his patients.
He has over 10 years of experience as a Pilates Instructor running his own Pilates Studio in his hometown. He realised that relieving pain through movement is a divine art.

In 2021, Sergio moved to Australia, looking for new challenges, experiences and learnings.



Helen New

(Studio Owner)


Tara Presnell


Sergio Rezende Junior


Jocelyn Evans


Lucinda Orr


SoHee (Sophia) Yoon

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Helen and Tara
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