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Scolio-Pilates® Snippets - Should you work evenly with Scoliosis?

Welcome to Scolio-Pilates® Snippets. In this post we look at the difference that making Scolio-Pilates® corrections can make in make in a body with Scoliosis when seated.


Generally in the Pilates world we’re taught to do all exercises on both sides, but that just doesn’t work with Scoliosis. Working in quadruped makes this very clear and easy to understand.

Check out the post below!

Devon’s pelvis glides right and rotates forward so we need to find ways to correct that.

When Devon extends her right arm and left leg, notice what happens to her lumbar. It is impossible for her to stabilise and support that right waist and so her left lumbar/erectors (what I call her “bossy side”) take over and her right lumbar concavity increases.

But when Devon extends her left arm and right leg she can maintain the feedback into her right lumbar concavity, correct her pelvic rotation and find length through this side. Now both erector muscles are working evenly and her lumbar concavity isn’t visible.

Compare the the two sides in the video yourself and observe the changes!

Click the arrow on the post to watch the video.

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Helen stocks K1 and K2 Wedges, Scolio-Pilates Wedges & Triangles, as well as Scolio-Pilates books. Please contact Helen directly via email for more information on pricing and shipping.

About Helen New -

Specialising in working with Scoliosis for over ten years now, Helen is passionate about helping her clients with this condition live a functional life. She also has a strong passion for educating Pilates Instructors and other Allied Health Instructors on how to best help this clientele. Helen is currently the only Authorised Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner in Australia. She is also a Faculty Educator, representing Scolio-Pilates® in Australia and offering teaching training from the Windsor Studio and throughout Australia. If you’d like to know more about these courses please head to

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