Stretch, Strengthen and Reduce Pain with the K2 and K1 Spine Wedges. Not sure which one is right for you? Read the description below or speak to a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner to help you make the best choice.

K Wedge - K1 or K2

  • Wedge Type



      The original spine wedge Modified from the original
    Height 23 cm | 9 inches 20 cm | 8 inches
    Pelvic Plateau 15 cm | 6 inches 10 cm | 4 inches
    Benefit 1 More inversion for increased elongation with gravity Less inversion helps those who need less elongation. i.e. those with spine pain or discomfort
    Benefit 2 Larger wedge can be helpful for those over 177 cm (5’10”) Smaller wedge can be helpful for smaller frames and children
    Benefit 3 Pelvic Plateau realigns  pelvic rotation
    Benefit 4 Firm foam prevents rotation of the spine, shoulders and neck
    Benefit 5 Stabilizes the spine while allowing movement of the limbs for spine strengthening
    Benefit 6 Right angle of the pelvic plateau allows the thighs to drop down, encouraging neutral alignment of the pelvis
    Benefit 7 Sloping wedge guides and supports the spine into elongation without allowing for anterior pelvic tilt or spine extension