Brand, spanking new and the most advanced wedge we’ve ever engineered!


The K-Fit Wedge will rock your back strengthening world. Elongate your posture with gravity and strengthen your new improved alignment for your best spine ever!


patent pending: 16/829,428

Fit Wedge - K1 or K2

  • The Best-Engineered Product We’ve Ever Made. Here’s Why.

    • Perfect foam density. The K-Fit foam has an indentation load deflection rating of 55. It’s the perfect firmness to allow you to elongate your spine without buckling. Yet the foam is still soft enough to exclude any painful edges.
    • Luxury faux leather. A soft to the touch, durable cover made with luxurious faux leather fabric. This supple lightweight faux leather is fused to a soft backing of woven rayon, making the K-Fit Wedge cover a heavyweight dream. Comfort and softness in an animal-safe fabric.
    • 100% cotton webbing. The cotton webbing is triple stitched and secured  to hold your resistance bands and D-rings in place.
    • Interior cotton base. The interior of the cover has a durable, heavy cotton lining at its base. What does that mean for you? As you lie on the wedge and use the resistance bands, the wedge will maintain it’s sturdy shape no matter how strong you become! This is something you can’t see from the outside, but working hard from the inside. 🙂
    • Superior performance D-Rings. The metal D-rings are designed with durability and performance in mind, perfect for the K-Fit Wedge. They are fashioned from cold rolled steel and feature a nickel-plated finish.
    • Stroops resistance bands. Stroops is a tried and true brand with over 25 years of product design experience. Their products are used by the biggest names in fitness like Balanced Body, National Academy of Sports Medicine, 9Round and now, Scolio-Pilates! You receive (2) heavy weight Slastix®, or sleeved-elastic, as part of your K-Fit Wedge package. Woohoo!
    • Latex-Free Resistance Band. This high quality, extra-long, heavy resistance band offers a variety of ways to strengthen or you can double up the band for even more of challenge!
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    Items can be collected from Windsor 3181, or shipping at additional cost.